1. What is Hemkund Gases

 We are a parallel LPG marketeer, authorized by PESO (petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization) a GOI   statuary body.

 2. What product do we use in Hemkund Gases 

 We use LPG. LPG is mixture of propane and butane 

 3.Where is the LPG sourced from 

We source it from import terminal importing LPG for all type of companies operating in India like IOCL, HPCL, BPCL and private LPG marketers operating in India

4. Is the LPG sourced by Hemkund gases any different from the one sourced by public sector units like Indane etc.

 no not at all, infact we can change the composition ratio of LPG to a maximum of     50:50 (propane: Butane) to specifically fit our customers need for pressure and calorific value, the facility and flexibility with which our customers can benefit the maximum. 

5. What is propane advantage 

Our LPG have higher percentage of propane in it which not only gives it a higher calorific value but also gives it higher pressure. The higher pressure makes sure LPG is not left when the cylinder is emptied and makes sure residual LPG left in the cylinder is minimal.

We use 100% imported LPG not, which does not create soot and blacks the utensils.

6. Can we use the LPG from Hemkund gases in domestic sectors. Absolutely. LPG from Hemkund gases can be used in Domestic, commercial and industrial purposes.